What is the most suitable type of heater for turtles?

If you are you planning to keep an aquatic turtle in your aquarium, you have to know that Turtles are cold-blooded animals and they cannot internally regulate their body temperature. This is why the heater is an important addition to your aquarium set up.

With the best aquarium heater for turtle you can easily adjust and efficiently maintain the temperature of the tank. But if you have a quick look at all the types pf aquarium heating options out there you might get overwhelmed. We’ll discuss three types of heaters that can be used and work well in your turtle tank.

#1 Submersible Heaters

This is the most popular heater for every fish keepers, you can easy get the heater models of this type in the pet shop. They usually are stick-shaped and placed entirely beneath the water, usually vertically or horizontally. They include a heating elements that be covered with glass of plastic case and a knob to control the temperature range.

They are the most common type that many people prefer to use for their aquarium is because of their cheap price and availability. Not only that, they are also very efficient and heat up the water very quickly. One more advantage of them is that they can be moved to a variety of places inside the tank.

However, remember to place them far away from the substrate. Also, ensure that your turtles can easy access the heaters or your turtles can break down the heaters and being burned.

#2 External in-filter aquarium heater

If you do not want to place a heater directly inside the tank, then External in-filter aquarium heater is great for you. They seem to be less popular than submersible because they require you to use canister filter. External in-filter aquarium heaters are designed to be placed inside the canister filter and works by heating up the water when the water being cleaned and pull back into the tank.

As it is placed outside the tank, it also reduces the possibility of any accident. Since external heater are not waterproof, they will burn out if they being touched with water. So, after mounting the heater, you have to fill the filter with water and run the pump before turn on the heater.

However, the major drawback is that external in-filter heaters are much more expensive than submersible heaters. The cheap models are usually very poor quality.

#3 Aquarium Substrate Heaters

To install this heater, you place it under your aquarium substrate such as sand, gravel or fluorite. The most attractive feature is that it saves much more space inside your tank than submersible heaters. As it is placed under the substrate, it is not visible.

However, the downside is they are cost much more than submersible heaters but working less effective. It is very inefficient heating method that only should be used for larger tanks with lots of gravel and plants.

#4 What type of heater is my favorite?

Personally, a submersible water heater is probably my best choice. They are produce very accurate readings of water temperature with a reasonable price. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have the effective device.

They are also easy to set-up, clean and being moved to any position you want in the tank. Submersible heaters are available in a large range of wattage power and you can easy get them from any pet shop.

Why You Should Not Use Sand As Gecko Substrate?

Substrate is the most important part of the enclosure environment of gecko. The choice of substrate will directly affect your gecko’s health. The wrong substrate can cause some diseases or even death for your pet.

Sand is very controversial as gecko substrate. Many gecko keepers prefer to use sand as a substrate since it is easy to remove waste from sand and it also looks more natural.

Some others consider sand as an unsafe substrate because gecko tent to ingestion sand and it leads to the risk of impaction.

What is the gecko natural environment like?

In the wild, geckos come from desert environments. But it is not the sandy as many people thought so. Their natural habitat is the rocky desert and grassland.  There are rock, hardened clay dirt, and just a little amount of sand in their natural environment. They are not surrounded by any sand dunes. It is a mistake if you mimic their natural life by reptile sand products in their tank.

Moreover, the gecko is one of the firsts reptiles that is domesticated in the world. So your geckos may so much different with the geckos those are grown in the wild.

Geckos in captivity may have more sensitive digestive tracts. Therefore, the pure sand can consider as an unnatural substrate for your geckos.

What is wrong with sand?

Geckos tend to swallow their substrate when they eat. This is more often to happen with younger geckos. And when they eat sand it causes the impaction in geckos, the sand will become cement and causes a blockage in the gecko’s intestines.

Even if you feed your gecko with a food bowl, they still try to lick the sand anyway.

Some people use calcium sand as an alternative but it is still sand. Although calcium sand is proven safer and easy to ingest, but when eating with a much amount, it can still blockage gecko’s bowel.

Furthermore, calcium carbonate sand can neutralize intestines acid and cause digestive issues. Besides, sand also the environment for the growth of mold, bacterial and dust, which leads to respiratory issues.

However, if you still prefer to use sand as the best substrate for leopard gecko for your gecko despite the disadvantages above, ensure that your geckos are adult and they are healthy. The adult and healthy geckos will less likely to eat sand.

Buying Guide: portable pressure shower

Are you in search of a pressure shower for camping purposes?

Then you came to the right place. Here you will find information on the road shower alternative and what to look for when buying one of these products. If you like camping like most of us, but have a problem when it comes to hygiene, the portable pressure shower will be the end of your issues.

You will be carrying the shower with you, so it should not be heavy. Make a detailed plan for your trip so you can buy the proper size of the shower (capacity). Another thing to look for when buying this product is pressure and user control. The ones with the foot pump are pretty handy.

The water in shower tanks is heated using sunlight and solar technology. Pay attention to the tank size. If you have a big family or you want to wash big surfaces, this water tank should have many gallons.

The materials that have been used to make these products are very important. If the materials aren’t good enough the shower will not last long. For camping in the wild, the shower bag should be quite durable.

The pressure shower can also be used for other activities like washing dishes, cleaning, bathing pets, watering plants and more. This is why the length of the hose matters. The longer the hose the more things you will be able to do with washer and the more flexible you will be. Some pressure showers must be hanged to achieve the pressure, and some can be used from the ground. For them, you will be creating pressure by pumping.

For travelers, this road shower alternative must be compact, light, and come with the proper carrying bag. You will find various models, qualities and sizes on the market but in the end, you choose according to your preferences.

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Top 4 hot tub sanitizers

The spa is always an awesome experience. In any case, foul-smelling a d dirty water may ruin your spa experience and may likewise prompt illness. Thus the job of a decent hot tub sanitizer is imperative.

Here are the 4 top BEST HOT TUB SANITIZERS

which are all set to deliver sparkling Spa experience to the users.


#1 Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer


  • Eco-accommodating sanitizer to keep your hot tub microorganisms free.
  • Works well with chlorine.
  • Helps in reducing chemical uses.
  • Clean the hot tub water rapidly and proficiently.
  • Very easy to utilize.


  • The stick may go to pieces because of excessive pressure.

It is one of the far reaching answers for spa purification. This mineral sanitizer is incredible to use for both the long and short term. With no health hazards, this sanitizer is selling in the market throughout the past few years and has not gotten any much negative input up until now. This sanitizer is likewise respected for its quick demonstration of cleaning your spa water.

#2 Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Spa Sanitizer


  • Easy to use as only one drop in the filter works phenomenally.
  • Not much support required.
  • Helps in turning the water clearer just as softer.
  • Optimum mineral levels are guaranteed with CRT innovation.
  • Does not leave any stains.
  • Fits superbly to the current filtration system.


  • Does not function admirably with a wide range of Spa models.
  • Specific instructions need to be followed if you want it to work properly.

This is one of the proficient sanitizers that works well for the spa up to 500 gallons. This sanitizer functions admirably with a wide range of spa flow rates. It guarantees a reliable pH balance and enhances the vibe of your spa water by keeping it milder and sparkling. It can keep your hot tub water cleaner than using just the chlorine alone.

#3 LEISURE TIME 23434 Spa Mineral Purifier


  • Budget-accommodating cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with hassle-free maintenance.
  • Spa tub with a water limit up to 600 gallons can be taken care of adequately.


  • Compared to different sanitizers in the category, it isn’t that effective.
  • Due to the presence of copper metal, the mineral stick turns green.

With no chlorine or bromine utilization, you can clean your spa proficiently with this sanitizer. With no much support required for as long as 4 months, it keeps your spa microscopic organisms free and proficiently fits any kind of spa. It is powerful with the non-chlorine shocks and counteracts green algae in your hot tub.

#4 Caldera Spas Monarch Mineral Spa Sanitizer 72358


  • Sanitizes the bath utilizing the silver ions.
  • Keeps your hot tub chlorine and bromine free.
  • Priced reasonably.
  • Very basic and simple to purify your hot tub with this sanitizer.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not as compelling as bromine or chlorine combined sanitizer is viable.
  • Only steady utilization of this sanitizer produces the results.

To kill the microscopic organisms of your hot tub, it utilizes positive Silver ion innovation. It proficiently keeps your spa water free from any use of harsh substance. It is valuable for individuals who have delicate skin. This sanitizer has been evaluated appropriately to consider your budget preferences.

Brave Fast Browser TOP 2019: Features and Details

Features and details of Brave browser

  • Browse faster – Brave browser loads faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Privacy & Security – Block cookies, Block fingerprints, Block scripts, Phishing & Malware
  • Block ads & ads – Block all ads or Block all ads outside of the BAT ecosystem, also contains options to allow ads & tracking.
  • Auto-contribute – You can automatically contribute your BAT token to your favorite content creator. Set your monthly budget from $ 5- $ 30 and it will distribute among your favorite sites that you spend the most time.
  • Time saver – If you enable all Brave features – block scripts, block ads, etc. The site will load many times faster and you will save time every day.
  • Save money – By downloading ads, you are recording your mobile data.
  • 11 million people use its privacy-focused browser every month

Trust me and Brave by downloading and trying it and feeling great things from Brave


Venomous Snake Bite Stories: Horrors You Would Not Want to Experience

Getting bitten by a snake is a horrific experience that no one would wish for! The people involved in the stories briefly mentioned below, however, have been unlucky! Fate was definitely not on their side when they were confronted with an unfortunate situation, which you surely would not want to experience yourself!

A Garden Full Snakes

Some gardens are full of flowers. For a man from Kirkby on Bain, a small village in England, his garden was full of snakes. To be exact, he found 15 snakes and dozens of eggs. One snake bit him in the hand, leaving two marks. According to the man’s description, his hand felt like it was on fire until he was given medical attention. It is recommended that you use the best snake repellents in the garden to avoid venomous snake bite stories like such.

Danger from a Decapitated Head

A couple from Texas was cleaning the garden for a cookout when a rattlesnake has been discovered. The man used a shovel to ram the snake. The head was cut off in an instant. After about ten minutes, when the man is about to clean the snake’s body, the snake’s head bit him, even if it was already detached from the body. The victim suffered from a septic shock and a medically-induced coma. 26 doses of antivenom have been given while being on a ventilator and the organs were failing. The man also went through dialysis.

Hiking Trip Gone Wrong

A hike is an exciting outdoor activity but can also be dangerous, especially with the risk of snake encounters. This is exactly what happened to a woman who was hiking between Los Angeles and Santa Monica Mountains. She was bitten by a rattlesnake, which instantly gave her jelly-like legs and blurry vision. Luckily, someone saw her and was taken to a hospital, which was just six miles away. She was administered 116 vials of antivenom! For reference, most people were given only 3 to 6 vials!

Trying to Shut a Cobra

A man from India found a cobra freezing in the cold. He grabbed the snake and tried to stitch the mouth using his hand. Unfortunately, his grip was not that strong. The man lost control of the cobra and it did not take long before it bit him on the hand. On the way to the hospital, he died because of the snake’s venom. This is a classic story of how you should not try to harm and disturb a snake as the repercussion will be serious when karma strikes!

How does it feel like residing in a Casita Travel

For one thing: Yes, I am still excited and I can hardly wait to own it! However, as I’ve been since I first made my intentions known, it won’t be prepared until this fall. Here is what I recommend for a best portable generator

Fall came and yes, I did get one as I said I would. I have a response to a question I get asked frequently: how is it like to really live in one?

Honestly, it feels so strange for me to write this on the grounds that for me, living in a Casita is simply so natural but We have compiled many reviews of the best deep cycle battery for casita travel trailers .

Like the saying “less is more”, I have no issues with storage room in Cas because everything I own just fits inside the truck comfortably; besides a couple of things that don’t travel well (like some artworks my grandpa made) that I keep away at my parent’s home.

Truth be told I’ve never needed all that space when I travel alone, even living space. I take it upon myself to look out for a great weather, so I utilize my outdoor living space at the spots I camp to great advantage and even on days without climbing experiences I, for the most part, go out for a stroll to maintain a strategic distance from that restless fondling that can come up from being stationary too long. In the spots I camp, prolonged rain simply isn’t a thing.

Shouldn’t something be said about amenities?

The shower is just a torment. It’s cramped and small, and the 6-gallon water heater isn’t sufficient for what I would consider a “genuine” shower considering how thick my hair is.

The toilet, on the other hand, is incredible. It may gross you a little to discuss this (get acquainted with it, it’s a piece of the RVing), however on a Casita, the dark tank is just underneath the toilet which is super convenient. This way, you can monitor how full the tank is getting.

The fridge is likewise extraordinary. The 17′ choice model comes with a 4.6 cubic foot fridge, which is shockingly substantial for a camper of this size.

My aged Casita also comes with a condo window style A/C mounted in the front which is super adequate in a space this size. The stove is satisfactory, two burners but except if you’re utilizing little pots and pans, then you have to cook one meal at a time.

A positive experience I might say.

I don’t know what else to talk about. Six long years of living in my Casita and whenever I look back, I pat myself on the back for making that decision back then. There’s no such thing as the ideal RV, however, Casitas make great little homes for individuals who can deal with their little size. As time goes by, I will still consider other alternative means of moving or travelling but until then, I don’t regret the time I’ve had in my Casita regardless so I recommend them and other shaped fiberglass trailers as a strong decision for full-timers on a tight budget who need something little, basic, and simple.

All that being said, do you feel like owning a Cas? I’ll definitely put mine up for sale but not before I have gotten a better alternative so I don’t end up homeless! Denver Colorado is where I intend picking a lot of my teardrops from because that’s where I’ll be when I finally sell Cas. We’ve both had wonderful times together and I doubt I’ll ever forget them. Thanks for reading!

Everything you need to know about cell phone batteries

One of the most used batteries in the world which many of us don’t even know much about is our cell phone batteries. Many questions come to mind when dealing with a cell phone battery and to answer all those, you need to know a little about the batteries themselves. Most of our cell phones batteries are made up of lithium ions. The reason lithium ion is most commonly used is because it is light and can pack a lot of energy by itself.

The lithium ions are broken down into two more parts consisting of electrodes and electrolytes. The lithium in the batteries are very reactive, so cell phones contain a safe form of it called lithium cobalt oxide. These molecules pull electrons towards themselves when the battery is being charged and when the phone is being used, the power is provided by the release of these electrons.

Battery capacity

A battery’s capacity is highly dependent on its use. If the cell phone is being used more often and has many other processes running, it will discharge quicker. Hence, it is advised to take caution with your battery to ensure it lasts longer.

A good way to keep a tab on your battery’s life is by installing an application that allows you to keep an eye on the life of your battery.

Controlling the power

Keeping a check over your cell phone’s battery is very important. This is because the lithium that is contained inside is very reactive. If it gets too heated, it could cause some serious damage to your cell phone and maybe even to you. Cell phones consist of a small technology inside that allows the phone to charge to its complete ability and then puts a stop to power. However, if you feel that your phone is losing the ability to do so (you can tell if the phone starts to get warm every time you charge it), you will need to take it off charge as soon as it is complete.

Frequently asked questions

Will overcharging the battery cause damage?

When the environment around the battery is hot or it starts to warm up from the heat of the power, the lithium ions start to deteriorate. This causes the battery to lose some of its charging capabilities. Otherwise, the modern smartphones come with a technology that allows them to only absorb as much power as required. This statement could not be held true for older phones that do not possess the ability to recognize when the battery has been fully charged.

Do batteries lose their capacity with time?

Batteries do tend to lose their capacity over time. Cell phone battery operates in cycles, and one cycle is equal to one full discharge. A battery has the capacity to withstand 300 to 500 cycles and after that, it will start to lose its battery capacity which, in turn, leads to it losing its life. It is possible for you to save the cycle by not letting your battery completely discharge in one go.

How can you save your cell phone battery?

You can save your cell phone’s battery through many ways. Some will even help make your battery life stronger.

  1. Close all processes that are not being used
  2. Turn off the location and weather apps
  3. Turn off the push notifications
  4. Add a battery optimizer to your cell phone
  5. Lower your screen’s brightness

Should the phone battery be recharged once it has been used above 75%?

For lithium-ion batteries, it is not feasible to charge for a long period of time as it only uses up their charging cycles. It is better to recharge your phone when it has been partially discharged; around a 50% discharge would do just fine. It would prolong the battery’s life, making it more efficient.

Will turning off the Wi-Fi save the battery life?

Keeping other processes running is more likely to deteriorate your battery life than keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. They do not require as much power as they used to before, but turning them off would at some small level help save your battery. 3G and 4G will drain your battery life much faster than Wi-Fi and so does a cell phone searching for a radio signal. Hence, turning on the airplane mode will probably save your battery.

Should you charge your phone when you first get it?

Before smartphones were common, cell phone batteries used to contain nickel cadmium. It was due to this that batteries were highly dependent on how they were charged; the use of the battery and how you took care of them also mattered a lot. But with smartphones came the modern lithium-ion batteries, which do not require too much care. You can use them straight out of the box until you feel the need to charge them.


It is not a well-known fact, but cell phone batteries can be reconditioned as well. The way to recondition them is fairly simple. You will start by discharging your batteries completely. Once that is done, turn your phone back on and let it turn off itself. Once that has been done, recharge your phone completely and let if charge more for a few hours. After that, you need to repeat the steps at least 3 more times. The battery will be reconditioned and will regain most of its capacity.

What the future holds

Many scientists have started looking for an alternative to lithium-ion batteries with the main aim of them being able to provide a longer battery life, longer usage time, and an overall more efficient battery. Some have now discovered supercapacitors, which have the ability to perform much better than lithium-ion batteries. There is still a lot of research to be done regarding alternative battery types and only the future will tell what we are in store for.

Things about car batteries that beginners should know

It is the battery that is responsible for providing power to all the different electrical components of a car. Speaking in general, it is a rechargeable 12-volt lead-acid battery that is meant to power the electrical systems within the vehicle. What this means is that there are many different chemicals inside the battery, all of which go through several processes and reactions when the battery is in use. The same chemical reactions are, however, reversed when the batteries are being recharged.

Purposes of a car battery

The very first purpose of car batteries is that they are meant to ignite the starter motor and the ignition system. For those who don’t know, the starter motor is basically an electric motor that is responsible for getting the main gas engine started. On the other hand, the ignition system is where the mix of gas and air is ignited for the production of combustion required for the engine to keep running.

Apart from that, the car battery also runs the overall electrical system of the car. The most important component in this regard is the lights. The 12-volt battery basically powers all the lights in the car including the trunk light, interior lights, headlights and even the dashboard light. It is for this reason that the battery is going to get drained and you will not be able to start your car if you leave the lights on.

Dealing with a dead car battery

When a car battery dies, there really isn’t much that you can do to start it. Although there are many different reasons as to why your car may not start, as long as you hear that clicking noise and don’t have ignition, there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a dead battery. What the clicking sound implies is that the starter is working but the battery is not fulfilling its purpose. In case the starter is dead too, you will not be able to hear the clicking sound.

What this leads us to is the question, why is it normal for car batteries to get drained so quickly when the lights are left turned on but can power the lights for as long as needed when the engine is running? Well, to begin with, it takes nearly 12 entire volts for the car to get started, which means that if your battery is at 11.1 volts, there isn’t much chance that your car will run. Also, the thing with car batteries is that they continue to recharge themselves as they run, which is why the batteries don’t run out as long as the engine is running.

How does a car battery get recharged?

All cars come with an ‘alternator’ which recharges the battery by producing energy through the mechanical motion of the engine and the alternator belt. On the whole, the engine is started by the car battery and it then recharges it while running on gasoline. It is for this reason that it is vital for you to run your car for a while before shutting it off again once you jump start it. The alternator has a small computer attached to it that tells it to keep on charging the battery and when to stop. The reason why this is attached to the alternator is that in case the battery gets overcharged, it may start producing hydrogen which will, in turn, explode the battery.

Of course, you would now want to know why there is a need to purchase a new car battery so frequently. This is because car batteries do not have the potential to continually hold the charge as much with the passage of time. For the record, 12-volt batteries can actually hold up to about 13 volts, but as time goes by, their ability to do so diminishes significantly. The day that the batteries cannot hold more than 12 volts, it’s time for you to head out there and get yourself a new battery. It is fairly common for people to refrain from keeping an eye on how much charge their car battery is holding up. In the long run, they learn about its inability to do so when they start their car and it doesn’t start at all or has a weak start. It is for this reason that it is best for you to keep a tab on the amount of charge that your car battery is holding up so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with a dead one.

Reconditioning a car battery

Replacing a car battery can be rather expensive. On the other hand, reconditioning one is much cheaper and easier. All that you need for this purpose are Epsom salts, a voltmeter, and distilled water. This procedure is going to help you get your battery to start but will only work a few times.

To begin with, use a voltmeter and see if your car battery is registering 12 volts on it. As long as it reads between 10 and 12 volts, there is a good chance that your battery will restore to full operation. Using distilled water and Epsom salts will help you recondition your car batteries in this case. However, for 10 volts or lower, you are just going to end up wasting your time.

With that, make sure that you take a few precautions when restoring your battery. Remember, car batteries contain sulfuric acid, which deems it even more necessary for you to be cautious. When working on your battery, make sure that you do so in a properly ventilated area. Also, while doing so, put on rubber gloves and goggles to ensure your safety. In case you end up with acid on your skin, wash it off immediately with lots of water and make sure that you are nowhere close to open flames.

OPTIMA – one kind of the most popular batteries today

optima batteries

optima batteries

The OPTIMA high-performance AGM batteries are not like other batteries in the world. With the unique Spiralcell design, it is going to offer the most advanced and striking technology and provide a power source, which is strong and clean, can far surpass any filled lead-acid batteries today.

OPTIMA has three types: OPTIMA YellowTop, OPTIMA RedTop and OPTIMA BlueTop high-performance AGM battery.

OPTIMA YellowTop high-performance AGM battery

One of the sole true dual-purpose automotive batteries on the market is the OPTIMA YellowTop high-performance AGM battery. With the premium cranking power and the unparalleled cycling capability (or rechargeability), it is the perfect choice for many different modern accessory-loaded vehicles. The YellowTop is able to repeatedly bounce back from the deep power drains to full energy capability, thereby, it is able to power plenty of electronics and still begin you up time after time. The lower internal resistance will also provide a lot of consistent power output and quicker recharges.

OPTIMA BlueTop high-performance AGM battery

Another type of OPTIMA is BlueTop. Installing the OPTIMA BlueTop high-performance AGM battery in the Boat or Motorhome suggests that more running period of time and up to 3 times more recharges than what you would get out of an ancient battery. It is perfect for all type of boats with the electric trolling motors, the onboard electronics or the stereo systems and Motorhomes with “creature comforts”. It will tend to drain batteries quickly. Moreover, providing the weight savings and the outstanding vibration resistance, the BlueTop’s  efficient energy delivery and quicker recharge time mean you are going to only waste less time to mind about your battery.

OPTIMA RedTop high-performance AGM battery

This kind of battery is considered to be the final high-CCA beginning battery generated to deliver the most powerful 5-second ignition power for a reliable start-up every occasion. The RedTop is going to outperform and outlast the ancient batteries in requiring cranking or starting applications. The unparalleled high power delivery and extreme resistance may be the most common reason for failing the battery.

The OPTIMA battery brand is really a suitable choice for the customers.

  • Start Date
    Started on May 30, 1972
  • Short Description
    OPTIMA Batteries represent the ultimate in quality & innovation in the battery market. If you need help with your battery, please call 888-8-OPTIMA.
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    OPTIMA Batteries represent the ultimate in quality & innovation in the battery market. For powering through the extremes of off-roading, racing, fishing, trucking & more, OPTIMA is the #1 brand of choice. For those who refuse to compromise, it all starts here.
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  • Products
    OPTIMA REDTOP starting batteries
    High Power Engine Cranking Delivers the strongest ignition power for reliable engine starting. Use this when you need cranking power and don’t have an electrical load draining your battery down.OPTIMA YELLOWTOP deep-cycle batteries
    Deep Cycling + Cranking Power Designed for modern accessory-loaded vehicles. The YELLOWTOP can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains to full energy capacity.OPTIMA BLUETOP marine batteries
    Deep Cycling + Cranking Power for Marine & RV Ideal for boats with electric trolling motors, on-board electronics or stereo systems, and RV’s with creature comforts that tend to drain batteries quickly.

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