Good Morning to all you great FB friends and family

325i BMWGood Morning to all you great FB friends and family. I just got home from work 45 minutes ago and what a night. One of the employees who took an order, gave wrong address info and one of the address took me to a field and I got the correct information and was to a business and made a nice tip. They were surprised to see me pull up in a sports car delivering pizza. Oh well. I use to deliver pizza in a 325i BMW for pizza hug in the early 90s.

after that ordeal, I had a triple delivery to take and the first deliver of the triple was a bad order, the second one was good. After doing that transaction, I went back to my car, guess what, I have a dead battery now. A co worker helped me out, God bless his soul. He was very helpful and gave me a ride home as well. I need to give him some gas money for his trouble because he had to go out of his way from one of his deliveries to pick me up and then go to his and then after work, take me to my car to get some stuff out of my car and drive me home.

Now the topper, I have a roommate that is a piece of shit. He had his car and his pick up truck towed and I had to drive him to get both vehicles on two occasions and and when I asked for help, he said I disturbed him of his sleep like he woke me up on both occasions, pick him up where he works at, drive him to the impound, drive to the house and take him back to work. I will never do anything for him again.

Sorry if I am venting, but I am pissed off and it’s been a bad night all the way around. also on one of my deliveries, I was threatened by drug addicts that they were going to beat the shit out of me as well.


Hey hear is a word of wisdom for you ignorant motherfuckers out there that’s make fun of drug addicts or homeless or poor people. Ask yourself this right. What if you were poor homeless. And so depressed you used drugs to try to fix your problems and got hooked. I’m basically trying to show y’all that you can keep being ignorant to people like that accusing them and some more shit. But you guys don’t know how walking in the next man’s pair of shoes really is. See people judge you once u get labeled. It never goes away I’ve been clean for a little over 10 weeks clean from everything but beer and weed. Shit happen and I go to work got labeled one there also flipped on a few people saying shit about my past to my bosses and shit. Almost got in a fight over it went to big boss said hey I wanted to tell you these rumors before they were spread. A week later fired cause people can’t shut the fuckup. Homeless finally talk to a childhood friend and her mother and her mother was letting me stay there till yesterday because everybody had to run their mouth behind my back and not to my face. And always bringing up Your old demons. People are so judgemental it’s really fucking sad But God knows I am stronger than a lot other people but a lot of homless drug addicts or poor people Down so down and some of them most of em will commit suicide. Or murder.

I am trying my hardest to make you 2 proud of me. I love you MOMMA and sissy. But I feel like I failed because at the end of the day I’ll kill myself and Kill someone. Fuck up with drugs. People can change!!!!! never judge a book by it’s cover. FUCK ALL YOU HATIN ASS PUSSIES

5 Stages to Forklift Battery Preservation

To maintain a forklift streaming correctly and to prolong its life it is essential to keep its battery working proficiently. A forklift battery should be able to live for a number of years if it is accurately cared for. But what is the top way to maintain a forklift battery and certify that it survives as long as conceivable? Just pursue these easy steps.

Charge the Battery Fittingly

It can be appealing to charge a battery on every occasion it is suitable, but the fact is that in order to correctly maintain a forklift battery, it should only be charged at specific times and to particular degrees. Charge a forklift’s battery only when it dips below 30% charge and be sure to charge it until it is full and then halt charging it. Over or undercharging this type of battery can meaningfully decrease its lifecycle. Never disturb a charge cycle.

Balance Batteries Frequently

Flooded or wet cell batteries must be equalized on a fixed basis. This process converses the chemical process of stratification, when the battery acid turns more concentrated at the bottommost of the battery. When the acid and water become stratified, the battery is no longer capable to hold a charge as well. Equalizing rebalances the electrolyte concentration and also aids to eliminate sulfate crystals from the battery plates. Equalizing can only take place with a battery charger has an equalizing setting.

Examine Fluid Altitudes

Forklift batteries need to have the correct amount of water to work at optimal volume. Just about every five charge cycles, be sure to examine the forklift battery fluid levels by opening up the battery. Check two to three cells and confirm that there is plenty fluid to cover the plastic battery element. If uncertain, check all cells. If there is not enough fluid upon examination, move on to the following step and add water.

Maintain Water Levels

If the levels are not suitable, top off the fluid in the battery. This will be essential approximately every 10 charges if it is brand new by adding sufficient water to cover the battery’s plastic element protector. Do not overfill the battery. Extra space is wanted for the development that happens when the batter is in use. Take in that maintenance free batteries do not need to be topped off. Only top off a battery after the battery is fully charged. It is also significant to use the right water, which measure between 5 and 7 on the pH scale and is within suggested limits for contaminations. Contaminated water can lead to battery destruction.

Keep Batteries at a Safe Temperature

Forklifts can be used in risky environments, so it is vital to ponder the ambient temperature for the battery when in use. Keeping any battery at a safe temperature, where its functioning temperature does not surpass 45 (113), will assist to extend its life. If this is not probable, be sure there is lots of air flowing in and around the battery compartment for optimal cooling.

In addition to this, our list of seven finest practice battery maintenance advices offer you some supportive hints and tips to help you dodge the common pitfalls and keep your battery in peak form.

1.    Plan your Work round Battery Re-Fuelling Periods

This lessens downtime and the risk of mishaps caused by drivers hastening to recharge when the battery is running low.

2.    Don’t Run Below 20% Aptitude

Deep discharging damages the battery and affects your forklift’s electrical components to run hot, resultant in major lift truck damage, containing complete motor failure and burned components. And if that weren’t sufficient reason, your truck won’t be coursing its best at that level, either.

3.    Provide your Battery a Pause

It’s appealing to fall into the bad practice of rapidly charging your truck during break times. A battery’s lifetime is concluded by its charge cycles, i.e. how many charges it’s had. Short charges will result in gradually declining battery efficacy to the point where it won’t charge at all. As an alternative, allow your truck to cool off throughout downtime.

4.    Ensure your Water Level Often

Water plays a key role in the operating and life expectancy of your forklift battery. During a charge cycle, it is heated up and ruptures into two gases, freeing hydrogen bubbles at the negative plates and oxygen at the positive. Permitting the water level in a cell to drop too low bares plates to the air, letting the active material in the plates to dry and become hard, and steering to permanent damage.

For this purpose, it is vital for distilled water to be added to the battery at regular intervals frequently every 5 to 10 recharges. However don’t be drawn to overfill. Confirm you fill only up to the wanted mark or the water will enlarge and overflow, leading to permanent loss.

5.    Speedy Charge with Care

Fast charging might decrease downtime by as much as 10%, but it comes at a price. Any battery system can be fast charged, but the heat produced during the process can intensely reduce a lead-acid battery’s life expectancy. Nickel and lithium batteries undergo from this, but to a much lesser degree.

6.    Possess a Check on Maintenance

One of the top reasons of premature battery letdown and loss is sulphation. This happens naturally as white sulphuric crystals fasten to the lead plates, stopping the battery’s ability to receive, hold and send a charge. This hitch can be initiated by overfilling and is most usually experienced in warm surroundings. Check your battery for the growth of white crystals as part of your daily checks. If you do spot the tell-tale symbols of sulphation, appeal a visit from an engineer who can counsel on corrective measures.

7.    Protect your Charger

Your charger is an important investment, and so warrants a safe location to diminish damage. It should be kept well away from moving trucks or plant tools. Guarantee that its cables and plugs are kept clear of the floor to save them from being run over.

Living in a Heated Tent

A heated tent is an eccentric way to pass the stretched, gloomy nights of winter outside, mainly in the profound ice of the distant north. Although a contemporary four-season mountain tent or a bivvy might be endurable for a few darks outside in sub-zero temperatures, once it approaches to actually living in the open in winter, nothing compares with a heated tent.


Main and very significant in a cold setting is that you have to keep your outfit and footwear dry and free of moisture on a regular basis.

Devising a warm space also means that you are warmed physically.

A heated tent, appropriately located and systematized, delivers a comfy space wherein to cook, eat and ease.

A tent heated by a wood-burning stove is an effective technique to remain warm and cook than an open fire outdoors.


There is the threat of stark blisters for anybody who comes into touching with the stove.

Always you need to be mindful that you are occupied upon a surface that is both bumpy and only solid snow.

Lessening of the snow platform will be utmost obvious adjacent to the stove.

There is the risk of carbon monoxide contamination.

In the milieu of a kindling burning stove, it is likewise expected to be led by a lot of smoke.

There is the hazard of a tent fire.

Caution need also be engaged with the practice of candles and other open fires within the tent.

You had better possess a knife lest the tent does catch fire, in which situation you can cut directly to the sideways of the tent and getaway.


Single choice to diminish the danger of fire and carbon monoxide harming overnight is to let the stove to go out.

In this situation it is absolutely worth setting aside some small fuel prepared, so you can speedily and effortlessly light the stove in daybreak.

The further decision is to preserve a fire guard.

You require sharing in a Rota system when every fellow of the group gets turns to have a spell on fire guard.

If you snooze with the stove off, one individual ought to wake up slightly earlier to light the stove and heat some water for breakfast.


An essential portion of living in a heated tent for a prolonged period is self-systematized.

Take an ordered attitude to your packaging jointly, as a person and as an assembly.

While you acquire the point where you are stuffing your things, check that you have a scheme which permits you to tell where entirety is.

It is frequently decent to have a short initial day, letting you extra period in camp to arrange your tent, get ordered and completely up to promptness.

When you reach your campsite, it’s essential that each person recognizes the work that has to be finished.


The leading entity that necessitates being prepared is for the site of the tent to be arranged. As with whichever lodging, you are regarding a level, smooth surface on which to stay.

Reaching a level surface is normally difficult when digging downwards to the earth.

Your liking is to form the platform since it is going to be even and comfy for everyone to recline on.

One more concern with digging down is that you will be sleeping at the lowermost spot of the tent.

Sleeping outdoors in a tent that depends on a wood-burning stove, signifies you will requisite entree to a prepared source of kindling.


You need to support the stove on certain kind of poles or structure so it has a steady stand irrespective of the snow nearby it.

Plan afore you put the tent up. It is a lot simpler to arrange the stove ahead.

Ensure an area close to your tent where you can preserve extra firewood, arranged to segment and split, in addition to devising the space to do this securely.

Furthermore, get ready a part of snow where you can stock your sleighs and standby gear duffels.

You must also entitle a place where people pee, and detached spaces for day-to-day chores like brushing teeth, collecting snow for drinking water and your main latrine.


When you have your platform created, stove fitted and your tent arranged, you can then become prepared with your group equipment and private gear.

Then place your sleeping mats also.

It’s beneficial to ensure an expanse nearby the door where it is okay to stand on with shoes.

By constructing the modest accumulation of floorboards in this part implies the floor stays in proper state for days.

You can pile kindling within the tent so you have prepared admittance to fuel.

Immediately when the leading firewood is accessible, get your stove working.

Assemble your group kits inside the tent and have an organism.

As the inside temperature of the tent intensifies beyond zero, you will need to make certain that when you move in the tent, you have the smallest extent of snow on your dress and gear.

Keep all the above points in mind and enjoy your trip towards the snowy places.

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How to tell that you answered your own prayer request for a man and that he is not serious and you should start praying over again this time for a man from God and not Telemundo.

The toilet is the most important room of the house. Don’t rush to watch his big screen Tv (which probably he bought on credit and is still paying) ,Focus on the toilet. When you walk into the toilet and you find newspaper instead of a tissue, my sister chineke abeg you r in trouble.
2) His Bedroom
Traces of boxers thrown on the ground, ka t-shirt pa mbali one shoe there the other pa door entrance all those denote disorganization in a man’s mind! Also dirty sheets and blankets and if he uses chitenje or bed sheet to cover the window instead of a curtain leave the fool alone!
3) Kitchen
Honestly some dudes amaze me! He last cooked eggs three days ago but you find egg shells all over? Why? the pot still has nsima in it which is even turning green with fungai and the cooking stick is hard like it’s about to be thrown. Again check his fridge if you just find a half cabbage and water my sister suffering and hardships await you. Avoid guys with tuma two plate cookers which have been over repaired and is insulated with shoprite yellow plastics..that you are even afraid to cook for him .
4) personal hygiene
Like it or not you will sleep with him when married you will kiss him and make love to him. Pick the best. Avoid Guys who don’t brush smell those that keep lots of moustache and hair under the armpits, you wana be as comfortable with him as possible! Introduce him to roll on and deodorant. Sure guys these things are cheap, Avoid guys who sniff boxers to see if it can be worn again. It’s not just a matter of having a handsome face or ama six pack like a crankshaft, take care of your home yourselves and your financial and social lives.
To conclude ladies avoid men who try to be too nice and sweet. Often Times the abusers are the seemly sweet guys. Also avoid men who suffer from leprosy, those with short hands, i know he isn’t your father but you deserve to be taken Care and spoiled alittle. I Almost forgot, avoid men with tempers we don’t want to watch you pa MBC TV wife killed from heavy blows from drunken hubby!!!’
‪#‎Ndili‬ mu sceptic tank)#

[Book]The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

Quantum Physics returns the spiritual dimension to humanity.

I respect Western religions, as I do all of the religious and wisdom traditions. I have spent much of my life studying not only the Christian New and Old Testaments but also the Hindu Upanishads, some of the Buddhist classics, Taoism, Confucianism, and other scriptures, since as early as my last year or two in high school in a class in world religions.

Not long after that I became aware for the first time of Quantum Mechanics and have read about it ever since, on and off. I’m now over sixty years old. So it is something that I’ve mulled over repeatedly for all of my adult life. Many serious, thoughtful people, in many walks of life, as well as quantum scientists and researchers since the 1920s and ’30s, have been saying that the implications of what has long been now the emerging, new if not dominant, scientific worldview has tremendous resonance for the world. Having read some very challenging books, such as Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, I believe Quantum Physics, on the basis of science, opens the door for a whole new interpretation of life beyond the nihilism of modernity, a vision that resonates richly with the profound dimensions of the mystic traditions of Western Christianity as well as all the great religions.

In my view, the nihilism of Nietzsche, Samuel Beckett, and other writers and thinkers like them, the entire modern and postmodern periods, have long demonstrated its intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy. Quantum Physics returns the spiritual dimension to humanity in a profoundly new way that reinterprets all of the traditional religions and opens the way forward to a new era.

My epic poem, The Parliament of Poets, is all about grappling with the vision implicit in Quantum Physics in imaginative, literary, metaphorical, and metaphysical terms. I invite you to Journey to the Moon…

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

5 Ways to Deal with a Rude Walmart Cashier

It’s happened to all of us. You are in line, minding your own business, ready to check out and BAM! Out of nowhere you are hit with a rude cashier at Walmart. That cashier that thinks that using a coupon means you are stealing from the company. That cashier that thinks price matches come directly out of their paycheck. That cashier that has spent far too long on their feet and just can’t deal with another customer.

What do you do? We know what you WANT to do. Just drop the gloves and give that cashier a piece of your mind! I know that feeling but I also know it’s counter-productive. Fortunately, because of this blog I have become an expert in dealing with rude cashiers. Many times I have had readers contact me with stories about something that happened and I have felt obligated to step in and try to get it resolved. Here’s a helpful list of suggestions so you can handle the situation yourself.

1. Make sure it isn’t you.

I know, nothing justifies a rude cashier. They are being paid to be helpful and courteous and you aren’t but face facts, if you are rude, you are probably going to get rudeness in return. Smile. Be friendly. Remember that if you are using coupons, you represent all couponers. I have heard so many horror stories from the other side, stories of awful couponers, that it makes sense that they would not want to deal with us. Make sure you know what you are doing before you get in line.

2. Call the immediate supervisor

Usually there is a CSM floating around that can solve most issues and most of them want to hear if an associate was rude to you. I have had several instances where problems with a cashier were solved by a CSM, sometimes they will even move me over to an empty cash lane if I have a big order and check me out themselves and deal with the cashier after I leave.

3. Call the store manager

Go to the Walmart website, find your store and call the store manager during normal business hours. Tell them exactly what happened and who was involved. Believe me, they WANT to know. If they have a rude associate, they want to be able to deal with it as quickly as possible. No store manager wants to his employees offending customers and he/she not knowing about it.


4. Call the District Manager

There is no easy way to figure out who they DM is for your district except to ask at the store level for his or her phone number. If you have burned every bridge at your Walmart and don’t want to talk to them, call the next closest Walmart.

5. Call Corporate

Walmart’s customer service number is 800-WALMART or you can email them here. Remember to be concise and precise and know the name of your cashier. It’s never taken me more than a few hours to get a response.

That should do it. I’ve never had a situation that wasn’t resolved as long as I followed the steps. It is also important to say that you should ALWAYS follow these steps with EVERY rude Walmart Associate. That employee needs to know that there are consequences for rudeness and either shape up or ship out.

One other thing that should be talked about is if you have an amazing experience with a Walmart cashier, follow the same steps above to let people know. Trust me, if you spend any amount of time at a Walmart, you want the good cashiers rewarded so they stick around and the bad cashiers weeded out.

Dead Batteries are No Longer a Problem

12316226_977037889022415_3834542533293086603_nPossibly you are at the marina or boarding a boat, docked in the channel behind your home. You and your amigos move on board, enthusiastic to go, and hit the key. Not anything ensues. On the other hand you hear that granulating commotion radiated by a starter engine sadly straining to turn the motor over. Dead battery! Didn’t someone check it the previous evening? I thought you were going to!

One Gigantic Bother

Salt water angling vessels are infamous for having some kind of electrical ditch that can step by step debilitate or execute even the most grounded 12-volt marine battery and once your battery is too low to pull the motor, your choices contract significantly.

In the event that you have an on-board generator, you could fire it up to charge the dead battery and after that activate the engine. It might likewise be conceivable to utilize jumper cables to unite the motor to the generator battery, accepting the generator itself is firm.

In the days of yore, you pulled off the cowling and evacuated the coiled-up starter rope the maker provided, and then endeavored to pull-start the motor. Nowadays, the new era of PC controlled outboards can’t be pull-started, and the PCs themselves request a genuinely abnormal state of voltage to begin the motor.

In case you’re fortunate, the motor starts and you breathe a sigh of relief. Anyhow, with the measure of electrical interests we tend to put on our boats nowadays, you might get trapped.

Keys to a Safe Start

The Secure Start Marine Jump Starter from Bolder Technologies of Golden, Colorado, gives enough amperage to kick off a motor in circumstances when the pontoon’s battery just won’t carry out the employment.

1. This Starter is the first emergency jump starter that is really easy to use, due to its progressed Thin Metal Film (TMF) battery innovation. Secure Start is little and sufficiently light for anybody to handle. Also, Secure Start is constantly prepared to work and the unit gives a distinct beep when it is recharged.

2. Secure Start gives 900 peak amps of power, which ought to be sufficient to start most nautical motors. It arrives in an erosion verification blue case and even incorporates a halogen flashlight. The unit is absolutely independent and weighs just 4.8 pounds.

3. Dissimilar to traditional batteries, TMF batteries have a great degree slim lead foil, twisted firmly to accomplish the extreme measure of surface zone in the littlest volume. More surface zone implies more power, and remarkable cast-on end connectors exchange the power more productively all through the battery.

4. TMF batteries are manufactured like a capacitor, which creates a low interior resistance that significantly diminishes voltage drop amid cranking. The more voltage you have accessible amid cranking, the speedier the motor will turn, and the more probable it is to activate. These batteries require no voltage regulation on account of their characteristic voltage strength.

5. Secure Start accompanies 36-inch jumper cables, and the TMF batteries hold their energy for almost a year. Likewise, the TMF batteries don’t experience the ill effects of the memory impact that can lead nickel-cadmium batteries to an early grave. TMF batteries supply the same measure of power as much bigger ordinary rechargeable batteries, so they offer significant size and weight savings.

Knowledge of Power

The batteries recharge quickly and Secure Start’s charge-level marker lets you know how charged they are initially. What’s more, an audible alarm goes off when voltage falls too low. The best part is that the TMF cells are made utilizing economical, promptly accessible crude materials, so they are likewise entirely savvy.

Remember that Secure Start won’t help on the off chance that you have an issue with the motor itself. It supplies beginning power just quickly, so in the event that you’ve worn your battery out by attempting to start your motor, Secure Start won’t help. As it’s simply the ticket for starting a solid motor whose just issue is a feeble battery.

Love you all. For real,

If you know me well, you know that I like to journal at the bar with headphones on and that I don’t like sharing what I write. But tonight I wrote some things that should probably be shared, things that I wouldn’t have the time or guts to share in person. So, here goes, Facebook. A portion of tonight’s writing:
I know I’ve written it countless times, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the job that I have and the friends I’ve made through it, whom I consider family at this point. I don’t know if it’s possible for me to express in words how happy and fulfilled I am to have met the people I have through Boxer Ramen. It’s been a life saver, really. I wish there was a way for me to tell them all this without sounding cheesy, but for now my proof is in my work ethic. I would do anything to sustain the happiness the team gives me for the rest of my life. Who needs anything else when you can work hard with your comrades and have fun doing it?
…I am beyond thankful to have immediate family that believes in me and supports me, even through my vices that they know well of. My mother is my personal hero, specifically – a very intelligent, aspiring and independent woman. I hope to be equally driven and beautiful as my mama when I grow up.
My brother and sister blow my mind with their talent, musically and artistically, overall. I try to refrain from jealousy, but let’s be honest – these two are and always have been prodigies since the womb. Love.
My stepfather has been more than supportive, and I will forever be in debt to him. Aside from feeling in debt though, I feel I’ve made a true friend since I met him when I was four years old. We share common interests, notably in cooking and wine. He watched me grow up, tolerated my stupid high school goth phase, and still likes to talk to me after all that, so we should be good friends for life.
My roommates are also the loves of my life. Regrettably, I don’t see them a whole lot due to crazy work schedules, but they came to my rescue when I was last-minute pushed out of my last place, in the midst of marital disaster and an overall sense of loss. When I do see them I always have “thank you” in the back of my mind, but never know how to say it without wanting to cry of happiness. I’m so lucky to continue to live in the neighborhood I grew up in, amongst people that I value and love.
Also, shout out to my cat Oscar. She’s been with me through thick and thin. Always supportive, probably just for the food, but it’s worth it.